kitchen decorating

Create your dream kitchen with these expert decor ideas! It doesn't matter whether your space is small or big, you can have a functional and beautiful place to cook. The kitchen is the center of any home, and it's no coincidence that open plan kitchens are popular. It's easier to run your household and entertain when a kitchen is in order, and we don't just mean putting your utensils in the right drawer. Like any workspace, kitchen needs to be practical, but it also has to be beautiful, because the way it looks will create an environment that will inspire you. From sleek appliances to painted accent walls and cool backsplashes, your kitchen can soon meet all your expectations with our help. The Nest has hundreds of kitchen photos to browse for inspiration. Plus, you can find great kitchen ideas when watching our videos from TheNestTV and even share your style with other Nesties by uploading pics of your own kitchen!

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