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How to Pair Wine and Cheese

It's all a matter of taste, says our expert (score!).

When it comes to pairing wine with cheese, don't be afraid to experiment or feel like there are rules to which you have to adhere. Just keep in mind that the intensity of the wine should match the intensity of the cheese. A terrific bottle of wine can be dragged down by a boring cheese, but a terrific cheese can make your ordinary wine taste terrific. It's all purely a matter of taste -- so stop worrying about any "official" wine-cheese duos that supposedly exist.

Nestpert: Steve Jenkins, author of The Food Life, has been called "New York's highest-profile grocer" (New York Magazine), "the enfant terrible of the fancy food business" (The New York Times), and "the eminence grise of American cheesemongers" (The New Yorker). He has worked at New York's Fairway Markets for most of his career.

-- The Nest Editors

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