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How to Use an Immersion Blender

Photo: Tim Porter

This handy tool is similar to a handheld food processor or blender, and is great for pureeing sauces and smoothies, as well as chopping small veggie portions or garlic or nuts. The cleanup is super-easy -- no crevice-filled blender to wash up -- but there is a tendency for the immersion blender to splatter as you use it. It’s also not appropriate for large amounts of foods. For those, you’ll need a full-size blender or food processor.

Yours probably comes with a few different attachments: a blade for chopping, a whisk for beating, an immersion blender for blending and maybe others. Pick the one that’s appropriate for whatever task you’re working on, and make sure all the pieces are firmly attached.

Now it’s time to blend, whisk or chop away! Just put the blender into the food you’re working with, turn it on, and off you go. When you’re blending or beating, make sure the attachment is fully submerged until you turn it on to prevent splattering.

Clean each part separately each time you use it to avoid any food drying within the parts and messing up future usage (and getting gross!).

-- The Nest Editors