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Cooking Q&A: Bringing Back Brown Sugar?

Is it at all possible to bring back brown sugar? Mine has become rock solid.

Brown sugar is made with molasses, which starts to evaporate when it hits the air, leaving the sugar dry and clumpy (dashing your off-the-cuff idea to bake cookies). To resuscitate brown sugar, place a few apple slices or a damp paper towel in a plastic bag with it, seal the bag overnight, and wake up to usable brown sugar. Or heat it in the oven at 250 degrees for a few minutes, or microwave it on low for 1-2 minutes per cup. To prevent this clumpy mess in the first place, store brown sugar carefully. Place the box or pour the sugar into a sealable freezer bag and press all the air out before you close it, or keep it in an airtight container (or both). If you don’t plan to use the brown sugar again soon, consider freezing the whole lot. You can also head to the store for help: We use a sugar keeper, a small terra cotta disk found at gourmet kitchen shops (they also come in fun shapes), placed right in the sugar to keep it moist.

-- The Nest Editors

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