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Best Healthy Foods On the Go

Six simple snack swaps to keep you healthy and slim for bikini season.

Graham crackers\\Healthy Food on the Go\\Photo:Shutterstock/The Nest

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Go for graham crackers, not cookies

Don’t be a cookie monster! “While today’s graham crackers are a vast departure from the original health biscuit and contain nowhere near the protein and fiber, there are still some merits to eating them, especially as a substitution for a fat- and sugar-laden cookie,” advises Nicolette M. Pace, founder and president of NutriSource. Graham crackers’ other advantages have to do with their shape: With their perforated design, you can easily control portions, and two full sheets looks like a plentiful portion but only comes in at about 120 calories, which helps to build psychological satisfaction.

Tip: Health Valley’s Oat Bran and Amaranth Graham Crackers are both made with whole-grain flour and contain a healthy three grams of fiber per serving.

Photo: Photo:Shutterstock/The Nest