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Nesties' Most Amazingly Awkward Holiday Moments

awkward holiday

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We all have them to look forward to this time of year, when the entire assorted family crew gathers for holiday cheer…the animated weight remarks from Uncle Jim, the embarrassing personal gift that was supposed to be just between you and your husband, the petulant 2-year-old nephew who “accidentally” locks your dog outside for an hour in the snow.

Read on for some of our Nesties' top awkward holiday stories...and share your own in the comments section below!

“We spent our first married Christmas visiting my in-laws, and the week after visiting my parents. One gift I planned to give each mother was a framed picture of my husband and me and each of our families, fresh from our wedding a few months prior. As my mother-in-law opened the beautifully framed picture, I tried to interpret the look on her face, which wasn't what I was expecting... She looked at me and said, ‘Umm...how nice...a picture of Kathy and her whole family...’ Yep! I had put the wrong name tag on the wrapped gift. My parents opened their picture of my in-laws on Christmas too...” --KathyGee

“My first Christmas with my husband's family (while we were still dating), I really wanted to impress them, so I bought presents for everyone. We went to my family's gathering first and I brought the entire bag of gifts inside. When we left to go up to Virginia, I had left all of his family's gifts at my mom's house. I was so upset, I didn't say two words to DH when we got there, just jumped in the car and drove back to my mom's to grab the gifts and returned to his family's house. I did it all in about half the time it should have taken to drive round trip. I then proceeded to get lectured from my father-in-law on how stupid and dangerous that was -- which it really was, but I had put countless hours and dollars to impress them that year!” --LuckyVaCpl

“My husband is from France. When we went to see his parents for Christmas and New Year's one year, I was pretty grossed out to see them boil an entire fish, head and eyes, and serve it up for New Year’s dinner. I nearly yacked. I am not sure if that's a French thing, or just something special my in-laws did for us!” --Franco*Fil...

-- Colleen Canney

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