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Dinner Parties For All Budgets

Now that you're married, show your pals the fabulous fetes you two can put on.

Photo by Antonis Achilleos / The Nest

$: At-Home Campout

Who says you have to spend the night in the woods to chow down on roasted hot dogs and s'mores? Your friends will love the little-kid fun of a roaring fire and camp songs. Have everyone bring their sleeping bags and don't forget the flashlights.

Setup: Fire up the old barbecue grill. Or better yet, if you have a fire pit, get that going and let people sit around it, dipping in wieners and marshmallows. Put candles in a dozen or so Mason jars. And since you aren't actually in the woods, bring the TV outside and show some favorite old-school movies. Play truth or dare.

Food: Do you really need suggestions? Hot dogs, skewers of marinated chicken and vegetables, roasted corn and s'mores (of course). >

Signature drink: Lemonade cocktails or "bug juice"-tinis. >


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