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Holiday Party Disasters

5 cringe-worthy tales that'll make your "regifting incident" seem like no big deal at all.

“Two years ago I was hosting our first Thanksgiving. My husband (fiancé at the time) took a glass casserole and placed it on the stove top. About 10 minutes before we carved the turkey we heard a loud noise. The casserole exploded! Not only was there was glass in the sweet potatoes and gravy, but the explosion was so loud, it scared my dog and she spent the rest of the evening hiding under the bed!” -- vbwife710

“When I was engaged to my husband, a friend of ours (a guy) had a family party to go to – but he had just broken up with his girlfriend, so I went with him as his “date”. His grandmother saw my engagement ring and assumed we were engaged. Talk about awkward. Then, after lots of caviar and wine all night, I got sick in his mother's enormous marble bathroom.” -- pook

“In the middle of our dinner party, our 65 gallon fish tank sprung a massive leak right next to the dining room table! It was pretty awful.....” -- marinesgirl08

“It was my first holiday dinner with my new company and I had a major crush on my boss. A few apple martinis in, I decided to sit on his lap. Thankfully, everyone laughed about it later.” -- afloggie

“About seven years ago, on Christmas Eve, I got into a huge fight with my boyfriend at the time. Rather than letting things cool off, I responded by over-indulging in the Disaronno Amaretto in front of my entire family (grandparents, mother, brother...) The next morning at Christmas day mass, I threw up in the church bathroom. I will never touch Amaretto again!” -- Covelloj5201

-- The Nest Editors