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How to Turn Your Den Into an At-Home Movie Theater

Want to skip the long lines and brush up on this year's oscar contenders at home? Here are 3 key things you need to get an optimal viewing experience in your living room.

Amazing Sound

Consolidate your bulky speakers into one single unit that simulates a full surround-sound experience and fits right below your existing TV. Try the Insignia Soundbar Home Theater System, $200,

Comfort and Convenience

You don’t want to have to pause to run back to the kitchen for snacks. Keep everything you need right by your side with a personal drink holder that clips right into your couch—check out the Sofa Cushion Drink Holder, $10,


Get the flavor of fresh kernel popcorn with the speed of a microwave all in one. Check out our pick -- the special lid drips melting butter onto the corn as it pops. Microwave Corn Popper, $20,

-- The Nest Editors