How to Host a Game Night

Who needs to spend money on an evening on the town when all the action's at your place? Call your friends, bust out a top Nestie game pick and follow our party plan.

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Rock Band

Perfect For: Your rowdiest pals who know how to party like rock stars.

Party Fouls: Slash wannabes (see below) or rhythmically challenged players you have to keep "rescuing" when they get booed off the stage.

Ideal Number of Players: 8—so you have two full bands of four (it's not a fair competition otherwise!).

Etiquette: Resist the urge to launch into your very own guitar or vocal solo when there isn't one! And don't get so attached to your instrument—you're not Slash (hate to break it to ya), so pass that guitar on to someone else after a song or two.

Game 411: This music video game can go on all night long (especially if you're trying to build a fan base and take your "tour" to another city). Booze will help shy types access their inner rock star—just don't let them take the theme too seriously and pass out on stage (read: your carpet)!

Photo: Anita Calero

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