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Throw a Summer Bash for Every Occasion

Ready for a rager? Or maybe just a fantastic dinner party with a few friends? Here's how to throw a hot par-tay without breaking a sweat!

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TGIF Happy Hour

Your VIP List
Invite the coworkers you've been wanting to get to know better, or break the ice with those cool neighbors down the street— drinks and appetizers never last more than a few hours, so there's no pressure to make it beyond small talk!

Party Poopers
Leave off the boss or uptight neighbors—you deserve a night to get a little sloppy, and they don't need to see that. And speaking of sloppy—go ahead and leave out that pal who gets bar-brawl rowdy after throwing back one too many.

Signature Drink
Shots of tequila, anyone? Or maybe margaritas on the rocks? Unpack that party-ready blender and show off your best drink-slinging skills. Don't forget the paper umbrellas.

The Grub
Bite-sized munchies are a happy hour necessity. Think baby crabcakes, taquitos, guac and chips or spicy mixed nuts. Drag your butt to Costco to stock up on provisions on the cheap (the frozen aisle has some pretty impressive appetizers, so make it easy on yourself) because you won't feel like cooking after work on Friday!

Party Trick
Umm, beer pong. 'Nuff said!

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People

Photo: David Land / The Nest

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