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How to Always Be Cocktail Party Ready

The last thing you want to do during your party is make a booze or food run. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.

Photo: Mark Lund / The Nest

The Drinks
# of Guests: 10
Length of Party: 3 hours
The Formula: 10 people will consume 20 drinks during the first 2 hours of a cocktail party, then 10 drinks an hour thereafter.
Total: at least 35 drinks

Wine 2 750 ml. bottles (each has about 5 servings)
Beer A 24-count case of 12 oz. cans or bottles plus 1 six-pack of 12-oz. cans
Vodka 1 liter
Gin 1 liter
Rum 1 liter
Tequila 750 ml.
Whiskey 750 ml.
Triple Sec 750 ml.

Booze clues
A 750-ml. bottle yields about 16 cocktails.
A liter bottle will get you 22.
A 1.75-liter bottle mixes 39.

Orange juice 2 half-gallon cartons
Cranberry juice 1 64-oz. bottle
Club soda 2 2-liter bottles
Tonic 2 2-liter bottles
Ginger Ale 2 2-liter bottles
Cola 2 2-liter bottles

Ice 10 pounds (1 pound per guest)
Lemons about 6
Limes about 6
Glasses 30, or 3 times as many glasses as guest
Cocktail Shaker Choose glass with a metal lid or a Boston shaker -- it’s what most pro bartenders use because glass expands less than metal and the lid won’t get stuck.
Stirrers 1 package, available at party stores
Bottle opener
Wood muddler
Ice bucket
Ice tongs
Knife and cutting board (for lemons and limes)

Tip: If you’re tight on money, don’t be afraid to email your guests a few weeks in advance to ask them what they drink. If no one wants to drink sherry, why buy it?


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