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Know Your Wine Shop


You don’t need GPS to navigate around the typical storefront.

World Traveler
Figure out how your store is organized. Most wine shops go by region—Spain, France, Italy and the New World.

Big Top
Pricier bottles are typically stored higher on the shelves. Beware... around the holidays these sometimes sneak into the center, since that’s when more people are looking for them.

Please Help
When in doubt, ask the person behind the counter. (They really do want to help.) Start by telling them how much you want to spend.

Spot Light
Usually this is where you’ll find wines that had in-store tastings. Ya know, it’s easy for returning customers to find those familiar favorites.

Cold Case
Late for a very important date? Best to make a bee-line to the fridges where they store the chilled bottles. Go on and give in, warm Pinot Grigio is never a good idea.

Bull’s Eye
Prime real estate on the center shelves is usually reserved for really good wines that cost somewhere between $14-$20.

Bragging Rights
Hello, preferential treatment. The front row is reserved to show off things the store owner loves that haven’t been moving as much as the standard wines. Come on, why not take their advice and try ‘em?

Box Out
Party time! Stay well stocked with pre-packaging.

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-- Melissa Walker

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