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Cooking Q&A: Best Margarita Mix?



What’s the best margarita mix?

The problem with most mixes is the neon, chemical tartness that turns even the best tequila into acidic fraternity basement swill. A “mix” you make yourself -- from freshly squeezed limes, Cointreau, and a splash of OJ -- will always make a better ’rita than a store brand, but there’s not always time to squeeze a bag of limes when the craving for a margarita hits. If you need a quick fix or you’re making a big batch for a party, Freshie’s Margarita Mix is an insanely good line. The Fresh Lime and Tangerita pack just the right punch of citrusy sweet and tart, and have an added touch of agave nectar (juice from the cactus that tequila is made from). For a more exotic flavor, try Dave’s Mango Margarita Mix (from the same company that makes the hot sauces) and throw in a wedge of orange as a homemade prop.

-- Colleen Rush

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