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Cooking Q&A: How Long Before Opened Wine Goes Bad?


The Nest Q&A

How long before opened wine goes bad?


Three days is the standard, wine-nerd-approved drink-by time for an opened bottle of wine. It’s not that the wine will go “bad” on day four, but the wine gradually loses most of its nuance and begins to take on unpleasant flavors as it oxidizes (which starts as soon as the cork comes out). Wines will last 5 to 10 days longer if you remove the air in the bottle with a vacuum-sealing stopper. If you’re a wine lover, or tend to keep opened bottles around for longer, consider making the small investment in a gadget like the Vacu Vin Concerto pump. FoodSaver also makes bottle stoppers that work with the vacuum sealer’s canister tube and port.

Always store re-corked bottles of wine -- red and white -- in the refrigerator because a cooler temperature slows oxidation. Don’t dump older, opened bottles. Save it for a red wine reduction, or use it to make red wine vinaigrette.

-- Colleen Rush

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