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How to Create a Healthy Lunch Club at Work

Team up with your coworkers to eat (and feel) better.

Photo: Sian Irvine

You’ve seen each other’s sad sandwiches and have ordered take-out from the same neighborhood restaurants (including the less-than-healthy pizza place down the street). But what you haven’t done is join forces to eat better Monday through Friday. Here’s how to get started.

Assemble your team. Not everyone in your office is going to be into your healthy lunch idea, but don’t count anyone out from the get-go. Send out a mass e-mail seeing who might be interested, and then follow up with anyone who expresses interest.

Hold a meeting. Once you have your team together, find out what it is everyone is willing to do. Will you mutually chip in to buy lunch groceries to keep in the word fridge? Will you take turns cooking from home and bringing in healthy dishes? It’s important that everyone understand the expectations to avoid problems down the road.

Check your numbers. Now that you’ve outlined exactly what’s involved, do a quick headcount to see who’s still in. If you’re dealing with a group of five or less, cooking for each other or preparing meals together is reasonable. But if you’re looking at a team in the double digits, split up into smaller groups to keep things manageable.

Set a schedule. Make sure everyone knows who’s cooking or bringing in what (or when money is due) by making a master calendar. You can do this by using programs like Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar, or just go old school with a printout.

Search for recipes. Salads are great, but eating greens everyday will have your lunch group a bit bored. Take turns looking up healthy recipes online and in cook books, and share them with each other during your meals. Who knows? You might just map out next week’s menu!

-- The Nest Editors

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