Diet Q&A: Getting You Husband To Be Healthier?


My husband eats junk food all day and never works out. How can I get him to be healthier?


You're not going to be able to change all of his bad habits, but you can find a few compromises. Start by asking him to replace one junk food item with one healthier item, like eating carrots and hummus instead of chips and dip during the week- then on the weekends, he can splurge again. This will allow an easy transition for his mind and taste buds.

You can also try making some of his favorite meals a bit healthier by using low-fat margarine, or yogurt butter instead of regular butter, and using low-fat cheeses, sour cream, and so on. Chances are, if you don't tell him, he won't taste the difference. when it comes to exercise, he doesn't have to immediately hit the gym four days a week. Try to get him involved in activities he likes, such as soccer or a softball league. Exercise can be and should be fun, and as long as his body is moving and he is sweating, he will benefit. Hey, you can also lead by example. Finding a shared activity is a great way to help him too. Just taking three 20-minute walks a week is a step in the right direction.

-- The Nest Editors

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