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Fitness Q&A: How can we prepare healthy, fast dinners that won't cost us a fortune?

The Nest Q&AMy husband has high cholesterol, and I've gained weight over the holidays. How can we prepare healthy dinners that won't cost us a fortune at the market while keeping it simple?

Always stick with real foods that occur in nature, and try to fill your plates with colorful veggies. Add whole-grain pasta or brown rice and lean meats like chicken or fish. Drink skim milk or water instead of beverages with extra calories, like soda, and get creative with fruit for dessert. Avoid cream, butter, sugar, and salt; instead, learn how to season your food with herbs! There are many great healthy cookbooks out there. If you're in a pinch and don’t have time to cook, try a frozen meal like Lean Cuisine Spa Classics. I like the salmon with basil, squash ravioli, and lemon chicken dinners.

Nestpert: Nikki Glor, creator of the 30-minute multitasking toning and cardio DVD series, Beach Bride Destination: Wedding Workout, The Fit Travel Workout, and Booty Camp available on Amazon.com and NikkiFitness.com.

-- Nicole Glor

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