The Best Foods to Boost Metabolism

Eat your way slim by adding these seven calorie-burners to your diet.

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Protein (Yup—but Keep It Lean!)

Countless studies have shown that protein can help increase metabolism and build lean muscle tissue, which, in turn, allows you to burn even more calories. The body works harder to digest protein (compared with carbs and fats), expending more energy and giving your metabolism a boost. In fact, researchers found that when you eat protein, your body burns twice as many calories in the hours after the meal. But not all proteins are created equal. Opt for lean cuts of meat, like organic chicken and eggs and grass-fed beef. Beans, quinoa and tofu are great options for vegetarians.

Nestpert: Marissa Lippert, MS, RD, author of The Cheater’s Diet (CheatersDietBook.com) and founder of Nourish (Nourish-NYC.com)

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By Kristin Koch

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