Snack Smarter on Your Trip

What you eat en route to your destination can majorly affect your mood and a lot of other things. So whether you want to get any lingering work out of the way, sleep away the flight or ease travel anxiety, here's what you should nosh on.


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Looking to calm preflight jitters?

Munch on: A doughnut. Yep, you just got permission to stop at Krispy Kreme. Researchers have found that eating foods rich in fat and sugar reduces stress hormone levels and anxious behavior in rats. And they say it's likely that the same applies to humans. Hey, if it gives us a reason to indulge in that kind of sugary, glazed perfection guilt-free, we're all for being compared to rats. If you don't want to ruin your hard-earned swimsuit body right before you hit the beach, go for a bowl of instant oatmeal instead. Whole grains boost your serotonin levels, and that serotonin spike acts like a tranquilizer for frazzled nerves (hence the tendency to carbo-load after a big fight with your significant other).

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