Top 5 Empty-Calorie Meals to Avoid

These calorie bombs might taste great going down, but they won’t give you much -- in terms of nutrients, energy and satisfaction -- in return for all those calories and fat. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite foods -- just try these healthier alternatives to get more bang for your calories.

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Blueberry Muffin

Sure, it’s hard to resist that big fluffy blueberry delight calling your name from the coffee shop display, but maybe this will help you walk away: That muffin probably has more calories than a Krispy Kreme, as well as more sugar and fat! Because it’s packed with a ton of sugar and very little fiber, it won’t give you very much energy to start your day. In fact, it’s probably just setting you up for a mid-morning sugar crash, so don’t be surprised if you’re hungry again soon.

The Better Option: If you’re dying for a muffin, go for one with more fiber, like a bran or whole-wheat muffin, and if it’s one of those mega muffins, split it in half. Then pair it with some fruit and yogurt, which will give you some fiber and protein to help power you through the morning. Start your day off right with nutritious breakfast ideas.

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