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How to Find a Workout Partner

Get fit with a little help from a friend (or a total stranger).

Sure, you exercise with your spouse when you can -- but coordinating gym time is sometimes easier said than done. Here’s how to find your “better half” for working out, whether it’s with a close friend, coworker or someone you barely know (but will know soon!)

Share your goals. You never know if a friend, coworker or the woman at the checkout counter at your favorite store is also looking to train for a 5K or give spinning class a try.

Reach out online. Sites like Craigslist have boards where you can post that you’re looking for, say, a tennis partner or someone to go jogging with (just make sure to screen anyone you decide to meet up with a few e-mails and phone calls first).

Go “hunting” at the gym. If lifting is your thing, strike up a conversation with someone hanging out by the weight benches. On the same note, if you’re looking to have someone to try new exercise classes out with, sign up for a session and then ask who’s tried the new cardio kickboxing class – or would want to.

Join a running group. Many local running stores and even some parks organize groups for different levels – usually on the weekends. Even if you can’t meet every week, you might “hit it off” with someone else in the group who’d be happy to get some miles in with you during the week.

Put a post on Facebook. Even if none of your friends share your schedule (or have any interest in doing a mini triathlon), they might know someone who does.

-- The Nest Editors

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