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How to Have Fun Exercising

Gym got you down? Try these workouts on for size.

You’re all for getting in shape, but clocking another half hour on a treadmill is starting to sound more like torture than a workout. Make exercising more fun by mixing up your routine with these tip and tricks.

Swap your regular aerobics classes for dance lessons. Many gyms and studios offer fun belly dancing, hip hop and even pole dancing classes.

Sign up for a running group. Miles of jogging is a lot more interesting when you other people to talk to, plus you’re bound to make new friends.

Get fit with a Wii. Jumping rope, boxing and yoga are just a few options to have you turning “TV time” into a serious workout session.

Unleash your sporty side. Schedule an afternoon of tennis with friends, or organize a weekend sports league (think along the lines of basketball or soccer…or even kickball, if you weren’t exactly the first kid picked for teams in gym class).

Test out your partner’s favorite workouts (and vice versa). Here’s how it works: You pick an activity for the two of you 2-3 days a week, and he picks the other 2-3 days (and yeah, that means no complaining -- or wimping out). You’ll get the chance to teach each other new exercises or sports and spend time together.

-- The Nest Editors

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