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How to Incorporate Exercise into Your Day (and Not Hate it!)

Get fit and lose weight by burning calories -- no matter where you are.

You know by now that exercising is key to getting (and keeping) the body you want. But the gym isn’t the only place to burn calories! Here are some exercises to try during your day-to-day routine that will have you looking (and feeling!) great without breaking a sweat.

Do leg lifts. Whether you’re sitting on a train to work or typing emails at your desk, it’s easy to get some extra thigh toning in. Sit up straight so your knees align with your hips, and extend your right leg until your foot is level with your knee. Bring your leg back to sitting position and then repeat on the left side. Do 10 to 20 reps for each leg.
Take the stairs. Yeah, the elevator’s tempting, but you won’t burn calories standing in place.
Tone your arms with a water bottle. Hold a full bottle (with the cap on, obviously) in one arm and do 20 bicep curls, then repeat for the other arm. You can do this sitting in gridlock traffic, waiting in line on your lunch break or while you’re on a work call (just, you know, don’t drop the phone).
Sit on an exercise ball. We know: Your ergonomic chair at the office is so comfy, but it’s also giving you weak abdominal muscles. Strengthen your core by sitting up straight on an exercise ball for at least a half hour a day.

Strap on weights. Burn extra calories and tone your calves by wearing light ankle weights while you walk to work, the grocery store, and even your car (just take them off before you drive!). If you wear pants, nobody will even notice.

-- The Nest Editors

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