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Shape up together using some plain ole teamwork.

Getting in shape is way easier when your partner’s on board (and not filling the pantry with junk food). Be each other’s cheerleader, fitness coach, and healthy chef all rolled into one. Here’s how to start.

1. Do a kitchen cleanout. When it’s midnight and you’re craving a snack, we guarantee those cookies are going to be way more enticing than the bag of mini carrots you just bought. Cut out the competition by ditching junk food -- and keep each other from cheating by not sneaking in Oreos (not even for an “emergency” stash).

2. Schedule team workouts. It’s a lot harder to ditch the gym when your partner is meeting you there right after work…and staring at his watch.

3. Sign up for a fitness event together. Training with a goal in mind -- like finishing a 5K run or a local cycling race -- will help keep you on a workout schedule. Bonus: You’ll have someone to get a celebratory dinner with after you’ve both crossed the finish line!

4. Make a weekly menu. You’re more likely to eat healthy meals (and avoid ordering from your favorite pizza place) if you plan them in advance. Cook more complicated recipes together in the beginning of the week and store them in the fridge so you don’t have the “we both worked late” excuse.

5. Recognize changes in each other. Your partner will be even more motivated to work out and eat right if he knows you noticed his newly buff shoulders or her sexy toned legs.

-- The Nest Editors

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