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How to Prepare for a Fitness Plan

We get it -- sometimes you just want to cap off a long day of work by lying on the couch, zoning out to reality TV and pretending it’s “exercise” to lift a spoonful of ice cream from the bowl to your mouth (extra points for sprinkles). Finding motivation can be hard -- so try these tips to help you get you moving.

Psyche up. Positive affirmations, self-talk and imagery really can work. As cliche as it may sound, if you tell yourself “I can do it,” then it’s more likely that, well, you can do it. Find a mantra to repeat when the motivation wavers. Our favorite? “I never regret going to the gym.” Come on, it’s true.

Gear up. No excuses! It’s easy to blow off the gym when all your sweaty sports bras are lying in the laundry basket, So make sure to always have a week’s worth of gear on hand. Check that your gym clothes still fit before you start a fitness plan. And if you have to head to the store to buy new pair of sneakers or workout shorts, we say -- count the shopping trip as cardio (just this once).

Let up. Blew it? Let it go. One day of exercise doesn’t make you skinny, so one day of skipping it won’t make you fat. As long as you stick to the plan overall, you don’t have to beat yourself up for having a bad day.

-- Laura Schocker