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How to Take Your Fitness Plan on the Road

Need to maintain your fitness routine on the road? Here's how.

Congrats! You’ve finally gotten a fitness routine that works for you. Now it’s just about maintaining it. Here’s how to make sure a few days of travel don’t throw you off.

Bring bands. Exercise bands are super-light and compact, so you really have no excuse not to shove them into your travel bag. You can use these for resistance and strength training while you are on the road.

Hotel have a gym? Use it. (Duh.) Go in the morning so you don’t have to think about it all day (and find excuses not to go.)

Move it. Even if you didn’t bring any gear or DVDs, and your hotel has no gym, you can ALWAYS walk or run. No excuses. Crunches, lunges, squats, and push-ups are also easy to do just about anywhere.

Do stuff. When you are choosing activities, choose ones that are actually active (like biking or hiking…or at least some brisk window shopping).

Driving? Give yourself a squeeze. As in your abs and butt. Work your abs by inhaling and then pulling in your abs as you exhale. Hold it a couple of seconds, then release and repeat. It’s the same for the butt: squeeze as you exhale, pulling your sitz bones together.

Riding shotgun? Get toned. Get your resistance bands out and do some bicep curls. You can also lift your legs a few inches and pulse to work your quads by holding the band steady with one hand and extending it with the other.

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-- Erin Walters

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