Fitness Q&A: Alternatives to lunges?


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Because of a knee injury, I can't do lunges, but every workout seems to include them because they're so great. What exercise can I do instead (I'm able to do squats)?


I would recommend a plie squat instead of lunches if you can already do a regular squat. You will still work your quads like you would in a lunge, plus, you'll work your glutes and inner thighs at the same time! For even more of a multitasker, add a shoulder press overhead with weights at the same time. Other moves you can add to squats include biceps curls, triceps French presses, and front shoulder raises.

Nestpert: Nikki Glor, creator of the 30-minute multitasking toning and cardio DVD series, Beach Bride Destination: Wedding Workout, The Fit Travel Workout, and Booty Camp available on and

-- Nicole Glor

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