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Fitness Q&A: How do I get rid of "skinny fat"?

The Nest Q&AI need to get rid of my “skinny fat.” My lifestyle is pretty sedentary and I hate treadmills -- what do you recommend?

I’ve had several training clients like you: people who don’t need to work out to stay slim, but could use workouts for toning and other health benefits. I think you should try some group workouts like gym classes, DVDs you can do at home, or exercise programs that are free on your TV. Try lots of different workouts, like toning, cardio, kickboxing, rebounding, yoga hybrids, and Pilates.

Nestpert: Nikki Glor, creator of the 30-minute multitasking toning and cardio DVD series, Beach Bride Destination: Wedding Workout, The Fit Travel Workout, and Booty Camp available on Amazon.com and NikkiFitness.com.

-- Nicole Glor

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