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Fitness Q&A: How do I lose the baby weight quickly?

The Nest Q&A

I want to lose my baby weight quickly but still be healthy. I plan on nursing, which I know is a start, but do you have any other tips?

I'm writing this while nursing my 6-week-old infant! Nursing is amazing for losing weight. In addition to that, try to get in walks and seated arm weight-lifting once your doctor clears you for this type of activity. Also, stick to six small meals a day made of veggies, fruits, lean protein, calcium, and whole-wheat carbs. Don’t forget to drink lots of water!

Nestpert: Nikki Glor, creator of the 30-minute multitasking toning and cardio DVD series, Beach Bride Destination: Wedding Workout, The Fit Travel Workout, and Booty Camp available on Amazon.com and NikkiFitness.com.

-- Nicole Glor

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