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How to Know If You Have Adult ADD

It's a lot more common in adults than you might think, but it also looks a lot different. Here are the signs.

Okay, why are we talking about this? Because our go-to psychiatrist insisted! According to her, adult ADD is super-common (especially among women) and way underdiagnosed. It also tends to show up during times of transition...say, a new living arrangement or a shift in your relationship (like getting married!). And, if left untreated, ADD can cause problems at work and at home. So just hear us out for a minute, and consider whether any of the following signs of Adult Add sound familiar:

-You tend to lose things and have trouble getting organized.

-Interrupting is a little (or big) problem for you.

-“You’re not living up to your potential” or “For such a smart person, you should be doing so much better” are phrases you often hear.

-You excel at certain parts of your job (say, negotiating) but can’t get through others (like writing a brief).

-Sitting still and staying focused on one task is really, really hard. (Okay, that one was a given.)

-You’re great at getting projects started (whether it's cleaning out your closet or a new campaign at work), but then you get overwhelmed or bored and have trouble seeing them through to completion.

Any of these symptoms sound familiar? Talk to your doctor. While none of the above signs necessarily mean you (or your partner) have Adult ADD, when taken in combination with other factors, they could.

Nestpert: Judith F. Kashtan, MD, is a practicing psychiatrist in Minneapolis and past president of the Minnesota Psychiatric Association. Find out more at Kashtan.YourMd.com

-- The Nest Editors

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