Your Man’s Health Bible

What’s your man’s health I.Q? Test his knowledge with this quiz…he’s bound to be surprised.

The leading cause of death for men is:
a) drinking
b) smoking
c) cardiovascular disease

A growing belly can mean:
a) time for new pants
b) too many burgers
c) metabolic syndrome

To keep his Johnson in the upright position, what should men avoid?
a) too much sex
b) smoking
c) horseback riding

In adults under 45, who has higher blood pressure?
a) men
b) women

Who lights up more?
a) men
b) women

What percentage of men exercise regularly?
a) 72%
b) 26%
c) 38%

How many men are overweight in this country?
a) 22%
b) 45%
c) 71%

How long is a guy expected to live?
a) 75.2 years
b) 85.6 years
c) 90.8 years

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