10 Annoying Work Habits That Can Get You Fired

Here’s a wake-up call: Some of your 9-to-5 manners may be so off-putting, they could actually be affecting your career. Hey, someone had to tell you.

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Bad Habit #1: You dial from speakerphone.

Why it’s annoying:

Are you intentionally trying to drive your coworkers crazy? Because the whining dial tone, followed by your aggressive button-pressing, followed then by the rhythmic ringing -- and maybe even ending with the harmonious sounds of someone else’s voice-mail message picking up? Yeah, that’s totally unpleasant and super-disruptive.

How to fix it:

Unless you’re in a private room on a group call, there’s no reason to use speakerphone ever, whether you’re just leaving a message or calling the local Chinese food place to put in an order. Please, just pick up the receiver to make your call.

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