The 7 Biggest Time Sucks

Feel like you never have enough time to exercise, sleep or mate with your mate? We bet a few of these surprising daily drainers are to blame.

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Time Suck: The Boob Tube

The average person spends about half of their free time (about 2.8 hours a day to be exact) watching TV. Listen, we know there’s some quality programming out there these days, but almost three hours every night is a waste of time -- even if the Kerry Washington show is on.

The Fix: Watch only what you love and stop settling for whatever is on. Do you really need to see Kim, Khloe and Kourtney vajazzling their you-know-whats? No, you don’t. Set your DVR/VCR/TiVo to tape just your fave shows and vow to watch only those -- no mindless channel surfing (or commercials -- yay!).

Photo: Getty Images / The Nest

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