Holiday Decorating Tips Under $10

38 easy (and cheap) tips, tricks and DIY projects to holiday-up your home.

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1 Deck the Walls
Experiment with different fonts and print out holiday sayings in colors that match your décor. You’ll have a gorgeous holiday gallery in a jiffy.

2. Trim on a Whim
Use double-sided tape and ribbon to embellish a lampshade or shelf.

3. Love Notes
Write personal notes to your dinner guests and place them in a small wrapped box on their dinner plate (doubleduty decoration and holiday-love fest).

4. Let There Be Light
Wrap Christmas lights around cylinder vases and group a bunch together on a sideboard.

5. Post-it Panache
Use lots of sticky notes to make wreath or tree shapes on anything from the fridge to a wall.

6. Foolproof Fruit
Fresh cranberries spruce up any table, whether they’re floating in a vase or decorating a serving plate.

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