10 Life-Changing Holiday Helper Apps

During this crazy, chaotic time we call the holiday season, technology can be your most trustworthy friend. Don’t believe us? Check out these nifty apps that’ll make your holidays much, much jollier.

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What it is: This app details a mall’s layout -- including restrooms, elevators, escalators, restaurants and specific stores. Just choose your local mall, and it’ll download all the details (great for when you don’t have terrific service once you’re inside).

Why we love it: How often have you gone around in circles trying to find that store? This app plans the route for you, saving you precious time. Bonus: You can record reminders, such as where you parked the car (G16!).

Also check out: Getting your shopping done in a day? Use ShopSavvy to scan the barcodes of those items you’re thinking of purchasing. It’ll bring up other stores in your area, their stock and pricing -- ensuring you’re getting the best deal.

Photo: Shutterstock / The Nest