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Nesties’ Best April Fools’ Pranks

Think your prank takes the cake? Check out these real Nesties’ favorite April Fools’ gags and then let us know what stunts you’ve pulled -- or have had pulled on you. (It’s okay, it happens to the best of us.)

Photo: Thinkstock / The Nest

“I replaced my husband’s deodorant with cream cheese.” -- Kristin H.

“After work ends, we forward the phone to voice mail so customers can leave a message to have their calls returned the next morning. On April 1, instead of forwarding to the regular voice mail, we had each call forwarded to the manager’s cell phone. Funny, but boy was she ticked!” -- Lisa D.

“I work at a day care, so we had all the kids decorate cards made out of construction paper. Then we glued them shut! When their parents came to pick them up, the child would run to their mom saying, ‘Mommy, I made you a card! Open it!’ It was so funny to watch the moms frantically try to open their cards while the kids beamed proudly at them. Not one child gave away the joke, even when their moms flipped the card over and over and tried to pull it apart. Finally, I yelled, ‘April Fools!’” -- Fuzzypeaches

“My husband (then boyfriend) and I were the token couple in college. We’d already been together four years by my junior year, so on April Fools’ we “broke up” on Facebook by switching our relationship status to single. We didn’t tell anyone, just kept it on Facebook, and soon enough, I was getting phone calls from friends asking if I was okay. We kept it going until the next day. To this day, our friends try to pull the same prank -- it just doesn’t work, though!” -- MrsDuff0723

“When I worked in a church’s front office, I stuck a sign on the door that said, ‘Please use other door.’ There wasn’t one...that was the only entrance! It cracked me up all day to watch people searching the building to find that elusive other entrance -- even people who’d worked there for years!” -- imanartiste

“One time before we got married, my husband and I got into an argument. We made up, but the next day his dad called me (he was at work) asking if everything was okay. I asked why, and he said that he’d just gotten a phone call from Eric saying that he was at the airport heading on a plane to Florida. I called Eric, and he started explaining that the fight had been the last straw. As we were talking, he quietly sneaked up on me and screamed, ‘April Fools!’ Of course, the shock of it surprised me, so when I turned around, I punched him in the jaw! Yeah, no more pranks.” -- Courtney A.

“My son was due March 19, but didn’t arrive until April 1. I’d say that was a pretty big prank!” -- Jessica W.

“Plastic wrap on my father-in-law’s toilet.” -- HH

“My husband set the alarm clock one hour ahead on the ONE workday when I get to sleep in to the luxurious hour of 6:30 a.m. It was not funny. Especially when I was up half the night with an inconsolable toddler.” -- Jcyahne

“My father-in-law thought it would be a great joke to tell my mother-in-law and brother-in-law that I was pregnant (without me being in on the ‘joke’). Everyone got really excited, until he finally told them that he was kidding. The whole debacle was kept from me until I accidentally found out.” -- lauren9317

“My husband woke me up shouting that our cat had given birth to two more babies (we were fostering). I jumped out of bed and ran to the laundry room. It wasn’t true. I’m not a morning person, so naturally, I punched him. (Not that hard...I wasn’t awake enough.)” -- smwrocks42

“Seven years ago, my best friend had just moved out to Cali. I was 23 at the time and flew into Sacramento and met up with another friend of ours who’d flown in from Phoenix. We rented a Mustang and drove up the 101 to Arcata, about a four-hour drive. Anyway, it wasn't cheap to rent this car, especially since I wasn't 25 yet. My mom was extremely worried about us, so I called her on April Fools’ Day and had her convinced that I’d wrecked the car in California. Looking back, I never should’ve done it; she was so worried and freaked out. I got a good laugh out of it though!” -- slc2b

“Last year, one of our tenants brought a cake to our office, celebrating one year since their expansion. They were saying thank you to our office and brought in a sheet cake professionally decorated with flowers and writing. When we cut into it, the ‘cake’ turned out to be upholstery foam covered in icing. We were really bummed -- we wanted some cake! But we kept the joke going: We patched up our knife cuts and then passed the cake on to our property services department, and they fell for it too!” -- CholeCO2006

Tell us: What funny pranks have you played on April Fools’ Day?

-- Samantha Leal