6 Fun Things to Do With Peeps!

Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit -- Peeps are pretty darn cute. And even though they’re essentially just sugar and marshmallow, we admit to eating a few (or few hundred) in our lifetime. But did you know you can do more with these treats? And no, we’re not just talking about food…

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Pretty Place-Card Holders

Who said place-card holders had to be so formal? Make these cute holders to let your guests know just where to sit; then, ya know, your guests can eat them. Bonus!

You will need:


White or cream-colored card stock or heavy paper

Black, brown, or metallic silver or gold pen

Decorations, such as Peeps foam craft stickers from Darice (optional)

Paring knife or serrated utility knife

8 Peeps Chicks, any color


1. Cut eight 2”x3.5” rectangles out of the card stock and write each guest’s name on a card. Decorate as you like.

2. With a sharp knife, make a slice on the back of each Chick’s head just behind the eyes, across the entire width and about a half-inch deep.

3. Pinch the sides of each Chick’s head to open the gap and insert a place card. The sticky marshmallow will hold the cards securely.

4. Place a Chick place-card holder in the center of each plate, or at the head of each place setting if you’d prefer.

Makes 8 place-card holders

Check out the Peeps! book by Charity Ferreira for more fun craft and recipe ideas.

By Samantha Leal