Hot Halloween Costumes for Women

Ready for Halloween? Avoid the last-minute scramble with these easy DIY costumes that are hot for 2011. From Smurfette to Gaga, these looks are a cinch to put together and a thrill to rock to any Halloween bash.


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Yeah, The Smurfs movie kind of...well…sucked. But tell me you weren’t thinking about being Smurfette for Halloween? Yeah, thought so. Here’s how to pull it off:

Start by finding a white dress, white shoes and blue body and face paint (stick with cream paint from your local Halloween store). For an easier time (and less mess), wear blue clothes underneath the dress (leggings, a long-sleeved shirt and even gloves) so that the only part you have to paint is your face. You can thank us later.

Finally, Smurfette was blonde. If you weren’t born with golden locks, consider buying a cheap wig. Or just tell everyone that Smurfette decided to dye her hair.

Photo: Sony Pictures / The Nest