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Crazy Family Holiday Traditions You Thought Were Normal

Carving turkey on Thanksgiving? Hanging stockings with care? Been there, done that. But we bet your family has a holiday tradition that you used to think was completely normal…and now realize is actually kinda weird. See how your own childhood stacks up against these actual traditions from real-life holiday revelers.

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Birthday cake for Jesus

"My aunt gets a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas. Usually an ice cream cake but not always. It started when we were little kids, I guess to remind us that Christmas was about more than just presents.”

Don’t peek!

“My parents told us that if we peeked at the Christmas tree before they were awake, one of our presents would disappear. I couldn’t help myself one time, and I spent all Christmas morning wondering which gift I missed out on! I really believed they would magically disappear. Poof!”

Turkey in the corner pocket

“Growing up, we ate every holiday meal -- usually 10 to 12 of us -- sitting at a pool table instead of a dining room table. My Uncle Frank had wanted a pool table, so my Aunt Jennie compromised by having him cut a piece of plywood to put on top of it when she entertained. Have you ever tried to fit your legs under a pool table? It’s not easy!”

Chop down your own tree

“When I was little I thought that everyone went behind their houses to chop down their own Christmas trees. It was an annual family event at my house. I never understood why my friends’ trees were so much bushier and more symmetrical than our spindly, pathetic trees...until we started ordering them ourselves and my life changed forever!”


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