Sex Survey Results

We asked and you answered! (The don't-kiss-and-tell rule doesn’t apply here...) Get the down 'n' dirty scoop from real couples just like you!

1 in 4 married couples didn't have sex on their wedding night because they were too tired. Luckily, 81% of married couples say their wedding anniversary usually results in sex though, compared to 68% for Valentine’s Day.

How often do you and your partner have sex?

41% of you said several times a week.

42% of you say there’s less foreplay now than when you were dating.

Do you orgasm every time?

43% of you said most of the time you do. (11% of you said no, but that he doesn’t know it!)

42% of you said "no foreplay", while 35% said "questionable hygiene"!

19% of you said you watch porn together to get you going, while 18% of you say you enjoy using sex toys. Kinky!

37% of you said you have less sex now that you’re married.

54% of you say that sex with your spouse is the best you’ve had, while 32% say the sex is great, but admit you've only had sex with one partner. (15% of you say you’ve had better sex with another person. Yikes!)

51% of you say you wish you were having more sex!

37% of you feel even more attracted to your partner after getting married.

Only 9% of women feel less attracted to their partner now that they're married.

36% of you say that you feel guilty if you don’t have sex on days that mark a special occasion.

35% of married women feel pressured by society and friends to have more sex with their partner, compared to 20% of nonmarried couples. 35% of married women also feel this pressure from their partner, compared to 26% in nonmarried couples.

71% of you have never had sex in the kitchen, and 92% have never had sex in the office. Looks like that sexy romp in the supply closet after hours might actually be just a fantasy for most.

-- The Nest Editors