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The Nest: About Us

Love. Living. Life.

The new home for newlyweds from The Knot
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The Nest ( started out as an online community of girls grappling with the emotional issues--and enormous to-do list--that couples face in the first few years of marriage. Created by the number one wedding website The Knot, The Nest is a 24-7 virtual married-best-friend who’s been there before. The site, the magazine, and the thousands of just-married members dish out advice on everything from how to get your permanent roommate to pick up his dirty socks, to how to inspect a property when you’re buying your first home, to foolproof recipes for entertaining the in-laws. Unlike single friends (who don’t have the experience to give tried-and-true advice) or mom (who has lots of experience but tends to give too much advice), Nesties, as we call ourselves, share experiences free of charge--and free of the worries that come with real-world friendships.
The Nest has grown up into a weekly webzine, a book series, and magazine--all 100% committed to the phrase “happily ever after.”

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is the Web’s round-the-clock spot for hip and harried married gals. Log on anytime--in your stilettos or in your slippers--for chic style, sex solutions or recipes on the fly. We also dish all the info you need on “the future,” from buying a house to having a baby. Want to vent? Chat with thousands of other gals--all ready to dish out tried and true advice.


  • Our To-do List: Stay on top of nagging to-dos, from changing your name to coordinating health insurance, with this comprehensive checklist that comes complete with an email reminder service (wouldn’t want to forget dear mother-in-law’s birthday!).
  • Our Blog: Chronicle the adventures of married life, from day-to-day life to buying a home and having a baby.
  • Our Posts: Chat with other young marrieds, and keep tabs of ongoing conversations.
  • Our Notebook: Earmark or send to a friend advice, decor ideas, recipes, and images from
  • Our Homepage: Keep friends and family up to date with a personal webpage--with pics of your wedding, honeymoon, new home and expanding family.
  • Our Recipes: Search hundreds of delicious recipes to answer that ever nagging question of “What’s for dinner?”


LOVE: Relating, Relaxing, and Connecting
Dedicated to turning up the passion post wedding, The Nest editors take on married romance and how to make it work. Newlyweds can measure their sexual compatibility, hone their communication skills, and get helpful “Couple 102” advice from experts -- and each other -- on everything from spicing up their sex lives to in-law intervention. The Nest LOVE section also covers topics from furbabies to date nights and pregnancy myths and facts. The best part: road tests (where newlyweds reveal the best solution -- after testing three -- to couple conundrums)!
LIVING: Your Style, Your Space
Primed to help couples achieve domestic bliss, this section is packed with essential tutorials on merging spaces, entertaining and holiday prep, decorating and cleaning, plus wine quizzes, a recipe database, and more. Newlyweds can learn how to do things around this house like fold a fitted sheet, install crown molding, and make a perfect cup of coffee. Also provided: guides to making big purchases such as mattresses, vacuums, plasma screen TVs, and more.
LIFE: Your Money, Your Plan, Your Future
Designed to help young marrieds navigate the uncharted waters of adulthood, couples can study up on the fundamentals of mastering marital responsibilities -- from finances, insurance, and buying a home to organization and establishing future goals. Quizzes, checklists, worksheets, and tutorials make learning about these practical tasks fun. Also, twosomes can see how other real couples live; ease their car confusion (Is it better to lease or buy? What’s the deal with hybrids?); and get tips on planning (and budgeting for!) a romantic Trip for Two.


No one understands the adventures of newly marrieds quite like other newlyweds. Whether “The Mrs.” needs some advice or “DH” just wants to vent, The Nest chat and message boards hook up thousands of couples from all over the country to share insane in-law stories, dish about the daily grind, and trade tips on everything from decorating to dealing with jealous unmarried friends.


Married life is full of all sorts of new beginnings. When newlywed couples are ready to buy a home, purchase new furniture, hire a personal trainer, or even find a great spa in their area, The Nest’s City-By-City Guides are a very helpful (and easy to navigate!) resource.


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes -- well -- you know. But even if newlywed couples aren’t quite ready for the big step into parenthood, they undoubtedly know other couples who are. So, we created to help them find everything tot-related. From sentimental, personalized baby and nursery essentials to unique favors for a stylish baby shower, has an array of adorable, creative gifts for parents and their bundles of joy.




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Click here for a PDF of our national print media kit

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