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30 Days to Great Sex Tip 20: Talk Dirty

Sometimes getting what you want is simply a matter of saying the magic words.

Relax, you don’t need to be able to recite lines from a triple X movie verbatum. But you might be surprised at how far a simple, "Oh yeah, right there," can get you. Once you've figured out how to utter (your version of) those words, do so liberally. Every time he lands in a good place, encourage it. Then, when you are ready for him to take it -- and you -- to the next level -- pull out this gem: “I love it when you (fill in the blank)." Trust us, he will most definitely fill in the blank.

Nestperts: Joselin Linder and Elena Donovan Mauer, authors of Have Sex Like You Just Met (Adams Media, December). Read more at their blog.

-- Joselin Linder & Elena Donovan Mauer

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