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30 Days to Great Sex Tip 26: Don't Stress!

The Nest 30 Days to Better Sex Tip 26

Take a one-day holiday from stress. Come on -- you've earned it. Right?

This is a single day where you don’t pay bills, do chores, or bring work home. A single day where you eat at the dinner table by candlelight -- watch a bad romantic comedy (or a really bad soft core porno) and devote the rest of the night to each other (think: each other’s bodies). The goal is to do this once a week, but even if you make it once a month, your sex life will reap the benefits. Bonus? Sex helps relieve stress, and the less stress in your life, the better the sex!

Nestperts: Joselin Linder and Elena Donovan Mauer, authors of Have Sex Like You Just Met (Adams Media, December). Read more at their blog.

-- Joselin Linder & Elena Donovan Mauer

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