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Hot Summer Dates That'll Keep You Cool

Beat the heat, but keep date night sizzling with these sexy ideas from

Photo: Thinkstock / The Nest

Share a Cold Shower
Who cares if you can only fit one person in there? Lather each other up with some vanilla bath gel and you won't mind being in such close quarters.

Strip Down
Challenge your mate to a two-person game of strip poker. Shedding layers is a guaranteed way to cool off, and with just the two of you playing, you'll be in the buff in no time. Add a twist: Whoever keeps their clothes on the longest gets to call the shots during the postgame (wink, wink).

Clean Your Cars
Make a date in the driveway to get dirty washing your cars. Then help cool each other off with the hose. C'mon, you know the car could use a fresh coat of wax. Besides: You + your soaked partner + soap suds + water = sexy.

Still sweltering after the sun goes down? Heat up your evening with a dip in the ocean, lake or pool -- sans clothing. It doesn't get much sexier than swimming in the nude.

Share a Frozen Treat
Split an ice cream cone, Popsicle or push-pop, and take turns giving it a lick. So simple, yet so sexy.

Catch a Flick
There are few cooler places in the summer than a movie theater. Okay, so seeing any old movie may feel more generic than sexy -- but not if you choose your film right. Think: A History of Violence, Unfaithful, Risky Business -- and for the sexiest flicks of summer 2011, our money's on Thor (at least for the ladies), Water for Elephants and Last Night. Or crank up the AC and enjoy one of the sexy standbys (see above) from the privacy of your couch.

Slip 'N Slide
This summertime game isn't just for kids. Diving headfirst down a wet, slippery slide is fun for all ages, and sharing a few laughs together can be a major turn-on -- especially when you're both all...well, wet and slippery.

-- Kristin Koch

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