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How To Have A Cheap Summer Date Idea

Embrace the season with these playful and penny-saving date ideas.

$0: Hit the Playground

Back before PlayStation 3 and The Real Housewives marathons consumed your life, the local park was pretty much the most kick-ass place in the universe. An old-school afternoon of fun at the playground is FREE.

$5: Get Sudsy

Sure, normally washing your car may feel more like a time-sucking chore than a good time. But on a sweltering summer day, getting a little wet-n-wild with your partner can be refreshing...and sexy.

$15: See A Film Al Freco

Seems a shame to waste the beautiful weather sitting in a dark movie theater, doesn't it? Instead, get a good dose of nostalgia by heading to a drive-in movie. Yes, they still exist. Tickest are genearlly about $6 per person, or sometimes $10 for the whole car, and you can save a ton of dough by bringing your own movie snacks. To find a drive-in hear you, go to

$20: Play Ball

Crowds tend to be super-enthusiastic about their minor league teams, and the players often have a real zest for the game. The best part: Tickets can be as little as $5 per person, leaving you extra bucks for hot dogs and cold beer. Check out for your local team schedules.

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-- The Nest Editors

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