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How to Shake Up Your Weekend Routine

Saturday. Sunday. Oh, weekends, where do you go? Take 'em back with some new to-dos.

Before: Hit the gym if you can manage to motivate off the sofa.
After: Take a hike, try hip-hop dance lessons or take a walk on the beach.

Before: Schlep to the grocery store (twice -- you forgot the milk). Ugh.
After: Visit your farmers' market, which supports local growers and sells fresh produce.

Before: Trek to see relatives or a friend's baby. Ya know, all the things you should have done weeks ago. (Slacker!)
After: Multitask: Hike with friends, see that movie with Mom, walk the dog with neighbors and their newborn baby.

Alone Time
Before: Sleep in.
After: Spend a little time apart and try something new. You'll feel fulfilled, plus you'll have more to talk about at dinner.

Date Night
Before: Dinner and a movie.
After: Spice it up with a little competition. Throw a two-person Beatles Rock Band Tourney and drink margaritas.

Sunday Night Wind-Down
Before: Pay bills and do laundry for the week.
After: Cramming in chores = cranky couple. Save Sunday night for HBO and candlelight.

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-- The Nest Editors

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