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Road Test: Couples’ Boxing

Photo by Veer

Jessica and I aren’t one of those couples who resolves their arguments through therapy, letter writing, or reading aloud from one of those Chicken Soup books. We do things the old-fashioned way: We yell. When we try out this new trend called couples boxing, something in her eyes whispered, It’s on, sucka.

8:30 p.m.
Our boxing instructor’s name is Ron. He looks like a farmer and talks like Borat. He proceeds to lead Jessica and me into an empty studio at our local gym. “I am train Israeli special forces,” he says. “Let us make combat.” 

8:45 p.m.
Ron gives us two pairs of enormous gloves. I put mine on and look like a cartoon character. He shows us a basic combo -- left jab, right punch, left jab, right punch, uppercut -- and asks us to practice. I can't remember. Jessica has fists flying and the facial expression of boxer Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins.

8:55 p.m.
Ron hands me a boxer’s training pad. You hold it in front of you while your partner punches it. “Go!” he yells. I’m a grown man getting backed into a wall by a laughing woman. I’m deeply confused…but I’m kind of liking it.

9:00 p.m.
My turn. Jessica holds the training pad, and I punch left, right, left, then uppercut. With each “thud” I see a look on Jessica’s face I recognize but am shocked to see here: This woman is getting turned on. Huh.

9:10 p.m.
Time for me to flip Jessica. Lesson for guys reading this: You think you’ll be able to show off your physical prowess, but you won’t. Instead, you’ll handle your significant other as carefully as you’d hold a puppy.

The Verdict
Our arms are sore from blocking punches, but it couldn’t have been more fun. We blew off some steam and I got to ogle Jessica in a tank top. Most importantly, I learned I have a power she values more than the perfect left hook...I can make her laugh. So forget date night. We found something better: fight night.

Gregory Gilderman is the author of She’s the One: The Surprising Truth About What Makes a Woman a Keeper.
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-- Gregory Gilderman

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