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Sweetest Day: A Holiday for Sweeties

Valentine’s Day in October? Sounds pretty sweet to us. Here are some great, inexpensive ideas for celebrating Sweetest Day.

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Some traditions are just too sweet to resist. Such is the case with Sweetest Day, a love-centric holiday that -- despite relative obscurity -- has actually been around since 1921. When is Sweetest Day? It’s traditionally observed on the third Saturday of October.

Here at The Nest, we’ll accept any excuse to celebrate our sweeties, so we’re hopping on the Sweetest Day bandwagon and kicking up our feet. “Made-up holiday,” you say? Well, every holiday is made up by someone, isn’t it? (That’s our stance and we’re sticking to it!)

So what is Sweetest Day, anyway? Reportedly, it’s the brainchild of a team of Cleveland-based candy makers who were looking for a new way to promote their product. On the first Sweetest Day, lots of candies were distributed -- and movie stars even got into the act. It was meant as a holiday not just for lovers, but to recognize “friends, relatives and associates.” Somehow, though, the holiday never gained the traction the confectioners had hoped for (and it even experienced a bit of backlash from would-be consumers).

Like true love itself, though, Sweetest Day has endured. So whether it’s a gift or simply a romantic gesture, celebrating love is definitely on our fall to-do list. (Hey, we’re romantic like that.) Here are some of our favorite ideas for celebrating Sweetest Day.