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The Couple's Guide to Camping

Think you need a badge to make it in the woods? Think again. Here’s all you’ll ever need to survive in the wild, scout’s honor.

Ants Marching
Water is a breeding ground for bugs, so keep your distance.

Dew Point
Avoid overly grassy lands. That damp morning dew is nothing you wanna wake up to.

High Pitch
Plant your camp on elevated land that’s level. Why? In a storm, rain will flow away from your tent.

Home Base
Who says you can’t set up your own romantic hut? Sundome tent for two, $50,

Potty Training
Guys should avoid peeing too close to the campsite; the salt can attract wild animals and snakes.

Storm Warning
True, you want to set up camp near trees, but don’t pitch your tent directly beneath one. Ever heard of avoiding trees during a lightning storm?

On a Limb
Did you know bears love mint? Hang toothpaste with food on a branch where they can’t reach. Aim for 10 feet off the ground and 10 feet out from the trunk.

Gear Up
Want the dirt on what to pack? No problem! Here are some camping essentials that won’t weigh you down.

Not-so-lean Cuisine
Ditch the marshmallow on the stick and make a nice meal out of it. Hobo pie iron, $18,

Meals on Wheels
Pack this for picnicking out by the campfire. Outdoor meal kit, $25,

Snug Sack
Spooning is permitted. Pick bags with opposing zippers so you can zip the bags together. EMS Boreal sleeping bag, $109,

Hiker's Helper
Even the trailblazer needs a lightweight pack with tons of secret pockets. Escape day pack, $50,

Tunnel Vision
Get this must-have headgear (holding your flashlight in your hands is so over). Petzl Tikka Plus LED headlamp, $35,

Travelin' Tunes
Not feeling the campfire sing-along? We didn’t think so. Here are a few songs to download before you hit the trail.
"Run Like an Antelope," Phish
"Uncle John’s Band," Grateful Dead
"Sweet Home Alabama," Lynyrd Skynyrd
"Fire and Rain," James Taylor
"Friends in Low Places," Garth Brooks
"Wild Night," Van Morrison

-- Krissy Tiglias

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